TBI, Local Agencies Investigating McKenzie Shooting

By Shannon McFarlin  News Director
McKenzie, Tenn.—A teenager was airlifted to Vanderbilt Medical Center after being shot in the head Tuesday afternoon in McKenzie. A suspect in the shooting is reportedly still at large.
Kelli McAllister, spokesperson for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, told WENK/WTPR that TBI agents are responding to ‘an apparent shooting in the 40 block of Euclid in McKenzie.” She said the District Attorney General requested that the TBI investigate.
“Due to the active nature of this investigation, no additional information is available at this time,” she said.
The McKenzie Police dispatcher told WENK/WTPR that they could not release information because ‘it’s an active investigation.’ When asked whether a suspect is still at large and whether a description could be provided, the dispatcher repeated that no information was available now because it’s an active investigation and that a press release would be released ‘when available’.
McKenzie Police, Carroll County Sheriff’s deputies, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol responded to a report of a shooting near the intersection of Euclid Avenue and Elm Street.
According to the McKenzie Banner, sources at the scene said a male juvenile was shot in the head at the intersection and ran to a nearby home for help. He was first taken by ambulance to a local helipad and then airlifted to Vanderbilt.