Friday 17th May 2024

EEO Policy

WENK of Union City, Inc., licensee of WENK (AM), WTPR (AM), WTPR-FM, WWKF-FM and WAKQ-FM, is an equal employment opportunity employer and enforces a policy of non-discrimination. All aspects of recruitment, employment, and advancement will be determined solely on the basis of merit, competence, and qualifications. No employee or applicant for employment will be discriminated against, nor will any employee discriminate against another employee, on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, age, national origin, religion, disability, marital or veteran status.

We are committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination. In keeping with this commitment, we maintain a strict policy prohibiting harassment. This policy prohibits harassment in any form, including verbal, physical, sexual, and visual.


Section 73.2080(c)(2) requires that stations with an employment of more than ten full-time employees engage in various activities designed to promote equal employment opportunities.

During the past two years, employee of WENK of Union City, Inc. – most notably, its President, Terry L. Hailey – have engaged in various such activities in the Union City, TN – Fulton, KY Market. As described in “Attachment II – Recruitment Outreach” to the EEO File Report.

  1. Yearly, WENK of Union City, Inc. participates in the University of Tennessee – Martin Job Fair (Subsection (c)(2)(i));
  2. When held in Northwestern Tennessee, WENK of Union City, Inc. participates in Job Fairs sponsored by the Tennessee Association of Broadcasters (Subsection (c)(2)(iv));
  3. WENK of Union City, Inc. hires as “paid interns” local high school students interested in developing skills for broadcast employment (Subsection (c)(2)(v));
  4. The EEO policy of WENK of Union City, Inc. will appear on the re-established website of the stations (Subsection (c)(2)(vi));
  5. WENK of Union City, Inc. provides a yearly scholarship to a rising Junior or rising Senior at the University of Tennessee-Martin (Subsection (c)(2)(vii));
  6. Given the close ties of Mr. Hailey to Tennessee-Martin – Mr. Hailey has taught there for many years – WENK of Union City, Inc. considers that it has long participated “in programs sponsored by [an] educational institution…relating to career opportunities in broadcasting” (Subsection (c)(2)(x)); and
  7. As Mayor of Union City, Mr. Hailey consistently is involved in community activities which further the goal of equal employment opportunities in broadcasting (Subsection (c)(2)(xiii)).

Notwithstanding, its small size, WENK of Union City, Inc. is committed to the concept of fair and equal employment and intends to increase its initiatives during its license period.

  1. WENK, WTPR, WTPR-FM, WWKF and WAKQ advertise on the air, from time to time, for salespersons when an opening occurs (although, on occasion, commision-only salespersons have sought a relationship with the station and the station has not advertised for them).  The script specifically states that the stations are equal opportunity employers.
  2. The stations participate each year in the Tennessee-Martin Job Fair.  Some thirty or forty applications are made each year, with interviews being held at the Job Fair.  Terry Hailey, President of WENK of Union City, Inc., has manned a booth along with other radio stations and non-profit organizations, answering questions about skills necessary for broadcast employment and also accepting applications for future openings.
  3. The stations participate in Job Fairs sponsored by the Tennessee Associations of Broadcasters when they are periodically held in Northwestern Tennessee.
  4. The stations long have had close ties with the Communications Department of the University of Tennessee at Martin.  Terry Hailey for many years has taught speech courses at the University.  In the Program Department and sometimes in the Sales Department, the stations will turn to Tennessee-Martin for job referrals.
  5. The stations provide a yearly scholarship to a rising Junior/Senior at Tennessee-Martin.
  6. For part-time help, the stations will frequently turn to the local high schools and students who are doing radio and television work there.  The stations advise the instructors at the local high schools when part-time opening exist.
  7. Job openings, with explicit references to equal employment opportunities, will be prominently referenced when the stations’ web sites are operational.