UCES 2nd Graders Watching Knowledge Grow

By Mike Hutchens, UC Schools Communications Director

Union City, Tenn.–The seeds of knowledge are truly being planted among second-graders at Union City Elementary School.

Hopefully, later in the school year, the students will see the “fruits” of their labor.

Studying folk tales in the Knowledge unit of CKLA, second-grade classes have learned of Johnny Appleseed and his contributions to others around the United States.

The students have since planted their own apple seeds and written about the events of Appleseed in sequence.

Later in the school year, second-graders will be studying plant and animal life cycles and the hope is that the apple seeds will have begun to sprout and the students’ prior knowledge will tie the CKLA units together.

“Everyone loved the apple seed activity,” said second-grade teacher Kristen Parks. “The students ask to check their seeds every day, and, though none of sprouted, they are still learning to be responsible for their live seedlings.

“They are watered and moved to the classroom windowsill daily for sunlight to help with the growing process.”

Also, Tyson Foods has generously donated an incubator to Mrs. Parks’ class through the DonorsChoose program.

To deepen students’ knowledge and understanding of life cycles, 24 chicks of various breeds will be hatching in two weeks.

Parks said her vision for the project is for all second-grade students to have an in-person experience witnessing an animal life cycle from birth.