Henry Co. Election: Frey Defeated, Vandyke Reelected In Tight Race

Paris, Tenn.–Voter turnout was good in Henry County, with 27.86 percent of eligible voters casting ballots, which Henry County Elections Administrator DeLaina Green said is a good showing for an August election.

All precincts were counted by 8:25 p.m.

Long-time Henry County Schools board of education member Rod Frey was defeated by political newcomer Junior Staggs by 562-459.

Long-time Incumbent County Assessor of Property Charles Vandyke was re-elected in a race with newcomer Scott Morrison by a tight vote of 2,552-2537.

TN Senate District 24

Casey Hood 1129 32.56 percent

John D. Stevens 2,436 67.27 percent


TN House of Rep District 75

Bruce Griffey 3,498 98.90 percent


Chancellor District 24

Vicki Hodge hoover 3,230  61.48 percent

Benjamin Harmon 2,016  38.37 percent


Henry Co. Assessor of Property

Scott Morrison 2,537  49.80 percent

Charles Vandyke 2,553  50.12 percent


Superintendent of Roads

Richie Chilcutt  4,552  99.50 percent


Road Board Chairman

Bobby Milam  4,507   99.78 percent


Road Board Commissioner District 4

James Benau 342  98.56 percent


Road Board Commissioner District 5

Clarence Lee Roy Henry 877  99.66 percent


County School Board District 1

Rod Frey  459  44.91 percent

James Staggs Jr.  562  54.99 percent


County School Board District 3

Thomas Beasley  1,193  99.33 percent


County School Board District 5

Jill Coker  938  99.47 percent


PSSD Board

Troy Barrow 813  30.83 percent

Melissa Klutts  870  32.99 percent

John Steele 893  33.86 percent


Court of Appeals–Carma McGee

Retain  3,384  77.33 percent

Replace  992 22.57 percent


Photo: Election workers deliver ballots to the Election Commission tonight. (Shannon McFarlin photo).