Saturday 22nd February 2020

Paris, Tenn.- An alleged suspect is still at large from an incident which occurred Monday in Paris near JMC Firearms on East Wood St.
Ptl. David Beauvis of the Paris Police Department responded to the area in both the shots-fired call and a call about a suspicious person who appeared to be hiding something in the treeline behind the store.
According to the report, employees told officers they heard five gun shots  from the area of 1409 Chickasaw Road and then saw a black male run up from the treeline and crouch down, appearing to be hiding something.
Video surveillance from the store did back up those reports and upon searching the area Paris Police Sgt. Jamie James did locate a .22 caliber semiautomatic pistol on the ground. The weapon had been reported stolen in Paris back in August.
Upon speaking with folks in the area of Chickasaw Rd., Ptl. Beauvis began to gather information and spoke with an Antonio Rulford, who had been released from the Henry County jail on mistake, and had a warrant for his arrest. Ptl. Beauvis did arrest Rulford and place him in the back of the patrol car.
More information was gathered from Rulford and Shelby Potts who admitted her boyfriend Rodney Wilson was at the residence at the time the gunshots were heard and she took him up the road and dropped him off.
Later during investigation, it was said that Rodney Wilson fired multiple shots at a vehicle when he and Rulford argued about seeing Rulford’s son and other things. Officers decided the individual attempting to hide the gun at the treeline did match the description of Rodney Wilson on the video from the store.
Ptl. Beauvis took Pott’s cell phone as evidence and the gun was sent for prints. He is issuing a warrant on Rodney Wilson for attempted 2nd degree murder, three counts of reckless endangerment, and unlawful possession of a weapon. At the time of this broadcast, Wilson was still at large.
Potts will be charged with accessory after the fact in the incident as well.