Sunday 23rd February 2020

LIFELINE Blood Services announces changes in rules for blood donors who have been deferred from giving blood due to cancer. Some of these individuals, if cancer free for five or more years, can now be reinstated as blood donors.
However, donors who have a history of any type of Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myelodysplastic Syndrome orMultiple Myeloma will not be able to donate blood.
“ For many years, volunteer blood donors who have survived cancer have been disappointed and discouraged that they could no longer help save lives by giving blood,” according to Nikki Watlington, LIFELINE’s Director of Quality and Regulatory Services. “This change is an exciting and positive message that we are happy to share with the community and hopefully, many of these dedicated individuals will want to come back and start giving their gift of life once again” she said.
If you believe you may qualify to give blood, based on this new information, please obtain a written
statement from your doctor that includes type of cancer, date of diagnosis and date certified cancer free and submit it for approval by LIFELINE’s Medical Director. This letter can be faxed to LIFELINE Blood Services at 731-424-1574, to the Attention of Christie Martin.
Also, if you have questions or need more information, you may call Christie Martin at 731-633-0272.
LIFELINE is looking forward to welcoming back many faithful volunteer blood donors thanks to this change in blood donation eligibility requirements.