Early Returns In For Henry County

Paris, Tenn.—Earlier than expected, the Early Voting and Absentee Ballot results have been released by Henry County Elections Commission Director DeLaina Green.

Green had thought the early returns might be delayed by the over 500 absentee votes received by the elections office—more than ever before.

In local races, the early returns are:

TN Senate District 24

Casey hood 30.99 percent

John Stevens 68.91 percent


Chancellor District 24

Vicki Hodge Hoover 59.48 percent

Benjamin Harmon 40.42 percent


Assessor of Property

Scott Morrison 48.60 percent

Charles Vandyke 51.29 percent


Superintendent of Roads

Richie Chilcutt 99.34 percent


Road Board Commission Chairman

Bobby Milam 99.65 percent


Board Board Commission District 4

James Benau 99.11 percent


Road Board Commission District 5

Clarence Lee Roy Henry  99.52 percent


County School Board District 1

Rod Frey 49.04 percent

James R. stags Jr. 50.96 percent


County School Board District 3

Thomas Beasley 99 percent

County School Board District 5

Jill Coker 99.41 percent


PSSD Board

Troy Barrow 30.38 percent

Melissa Klutts 32.87 percent

John Steele Jr. 34.31 percent


Court of Appeals McGee

Retain 77.57 percent

Replace 22.43 percent


U.S. Senate