Donkey, Horse Shot; HC Deputies Investigate

By Kristina Dufresne
Paris, Tenn.–Henry County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to Point Pleasant Rd. in Buchanan in reference to a donkey and horse being shot with an arrow and possibly a firearm.
The owner had noticed a black Nissan car sitting near her pasture about 20 minutes prior. After the car had left she went around to check on her animals.
According to the report, one of the donkeys fell to the ground several times then took off running. The donkey had been shot in the left front shoulder. Manning also observed a bloody area on the horse on the right side of its neck.
The owner of the animals will be following up with her vet.
A crossbow bolt with a field point on it was found stuck in the ground in the pasture. The suspicious black Nissan had been seen on a previous occasion near the house across the street from  where the incident took place. This case was turned over to the department’s Criminal Investigation Division.