Thursday 27th February 2020

Huntingdon, Tenn.–Members of the Tennessee National Guard flew to the Carroll County Thousand Acre Recreational Lake Monday morning to conduct training exercises. Members arrived in a Blackhawk helicopter and spent approximately 30 minutes picking up water from the surface of the lake and dumping it as they would in an aerial attack on wildfires.
Huntingdon Director of Public Safety Walter Smothers witnessed the exercise and said the unit arrived under clear blue skies and operated skillfully in a quick, efficient manner to practice filling the “bucket” and dumping it on the target area.
“This was the first time in local history that citizens could see first hand what they had only witnessed on the news from other regions of the country and the world,” he said.  “As a public safety official I find it reassuring to know that we can count on our Tennessee National Guard to be able to react to the same emergencies should they occur in our area.”
Photo by Walter Smothers.