Thursday 19th May 2022

Million Word Club Honored By Henry County School Board

Puryear, Tenn.–The students in the Harrelson School ‘Million Word Club’ were honored at this week’s Henry County Schools board of education meeting. Under the supervision of Teacher Mary Thrash, the students read at least one million words during the school year. The project was made possible through a Plus Endowment grant for which Thrash applied.

She said at the meeting,I realized that I had lots of students that were on target but fell short towards the end. I met with ELA teachers, grades 5-8, and we decided to honor those that had read at least one million words.   I want to spotlight the students at Harrelson School that accomplished such an ambitious goal. I’d like to share with you each student’s name, grade, and how many words they read during this school year.”

5th Grade- Mrs. Stacy Hudgins 7th Grade- Mrs. Melissa Chambers

Madilyn Bitner 1,981, 247 Robert Butler 1, 004, 069

Maverick Gulish 2, 910, 199

6th Grade- Mrs. Mary Thrash 8th Grade- Ms. Chelsey Lassiter

Alisha Davis 3, 018, 591 Kylee Bird 1, 006, 512

Hannah Hudgins 1, 025, 019 Tori Davenport 2, 516, 806

Kennedy Perez 1, 002, 878 Troy Vance 1, 086, 944

Maple Townsend 1, 019, 532

Thrash said, “I am so incredibly proud of the effort made by these students.  This initiative proved successful as evidenced by the statistic that in the 6th grade at Harrelson School, my students read well over 20 million words this year. We’re so excited, that we are going to make this a school wide initiative, next year, grades 3-8!”